Pakucho Original Lace


Enjoy an eco-friendly, and lusciously soft knitting experience with our fair trade organic cotton, also known as Pakucho, from the ancient Incan word for ‘brown cotton’. These cottons are naturally pigmented, which means they actually grow in these colours, so there’s no dye at all. This type of cotton is very different from what is commonly used, botanically its called Gossypium barbadense, or South American cotton. These are ancient heritage varieties, that at one time were very rare, due to industrialization, and the desire for the quick and easy white cotton. By purchasing these and the other organic cotton yarns here, you are directly supporting biodiversity and the amazing heritage of colourgrown cottons.

Each lace weight skein weighs 50g (3.5 oz) and 457m(500yds).

This yarn is EKO Certified Organic by USDA, GOTS, Control Union, SKAL & Certified Fair Trade by Control Union Fair Choice, made for Vegan Yarn by Peru Naturtex.

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“Grown on small farmyard plots by rural artisan and [indigenous] families, native cotton cultivation supports self-help development programs for the benefit of peasant communities and urban women’s migrant co-operatives. In the High Jungle of Peru, native cotton has already replaced several thousand hectares of clandestinely cultivated coca leaf from which the fatally addicting cocaine paste is synthesized. Today, hundreds of [indigenous] peasant farmers benefit from the revival of native and organically grown cotton.” -Peru Naturtex/Pakucho

100% Vegan

  • Deep Green
  • Golden Brown
  • Rust
  • Sage
  • Vanilla Cream Pima
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Product Description

Soft and light, easy to knit, these beautiful fingering weight skeins are made from 100% organically grown and fair trade cotton. Pakucho cottons are a great choice for babies, children, and those with sensitivities.

Needle Size: 2.5/1 1/2 US-3mm/2 1/2 US
Gauge: 28-36 sts = 4″/10cm

Made for Vegan Yarn by Peru Naturtex.

Vegan Yarn features a spectacular range of animal-free and sustainable fibres. Their yarns are hand-dyed and range from lace to super bulky: “The process of dyeing naturally takes time, but requires no nasty chemicals, and the colors are always soft on the eye. Typically plant-dyeing takes anywhere from 3 days to two weeks, starting with scouring (cleaning), mordanting twice (preparing the fibre to help it accept the dye better) with natural mordants like oak tannin, myrobalan, and alum. Then finally a ‘tea’ is made with the plant used for dyeing. The process of naturally dyeing yarn takes more time and effort, but its worth it, knowing that no harmful chemicals were used in the process.” – Vegan Yarn

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Weight 50 g

Organic Cotton




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