Natural Earth Paint Pigments


These radiant Natural Earth Paint pigments are in individual 85g (3 oz.) packets. Each packet makes the equivalent of one medium-sized tube of professional oil paint when mixed with walnut or linseed oil. All pigments have excellent and permanent UV lightfastness – far superior to synthetic pigments. Can be mixed with all binders to create many different types of paints, pastels, stains or other art designs. The natural iron oxide pigments are the most archival pigments available (thousands upon thousands of years!).

Choose from 18 gorgeous colors in the drop down menu and see more details of where each mineral pigment has come from!

Use care when handling any dry pigment. Avoid inhaling pigment dust.

Made by Natural Earth Paints in the USA.

100% Vegan

  • Black ochre
  • Brilliant yellow
  • Burnt sienna
  • Burnt umber
  • Emerald green
  • Green earth
  • Mayan red
  • Mayan turquoise
  • Mummy red
  • Orange ochre
  • Raw sienna
  • Raw umber
  • Red ochre
  • Titanium dioxide white
  • Ultramarine blue
  • Ultramarine purple
  • Violet ochre
  • Yellow ochre
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Product Description

Natural Earth Paint is committed to creating eco-friendly, completely non-toxic art supplies and very high quality, archival products. Their top-quality pigments are free of fillers, additives, synthetic preservatives, toxins, petroleum-based pigments and heavy metals and provide a texture, radiance, and subtlety of color far superior to synthetic pigments. NEP uses 100% recycled, biodegradable and locally made packaging and they source their pigments and natural ingredients from small, family owned businesses that harvest sustainably.
Their eco-friendly business model is recognized by Gold certification from Green America (the highest rank for a green business in the US) and the prestigious Cribsie Award in 2016 after 40,000 people voted and has received rave reviews in over 50 blogs and magazine articles.

Packaging is 100% Post Consumer Recycled and biodegradable.

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Black ochre, Blue earth, Brilliant yellow, Burnt sienna, Burnt umber, Emerald green, Green earth, Mayan red, Mayan turquoise, Mummy red, Orange ochre, Raw sienna, Raw umber, Red ochre, Titanium dioxide white, Ultramarine blue, Ultramarine purple, Violet ochre, Yellow ochre


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